March 5, 2014

In partnership with the Urban Institute and the Center on Society and Health, the Engaging Richmond team conducted a community-engaged research study to explore how firearms violence affects the residents of a disadvantaged inner city neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. The study gathered their insights about the social and psychological consequences across community and family networks as part of a larger Urban Institute study on the economic costs of firearms violence. View the results of the photovoice project below.

Slide 1: Kids Can't be Kids Slide 2: Signs of the Time Slide 3: Violence Tax Slide 4: Practicing Medicine Slide 5: A Dream Deferred Slide 6: Business Not as Usual Slide 7: A Second Chance Slide 8: Surviving the Cost Slide 9: They Meant it for Bad But... Slide 10: Now Trending on Facebook Slide 11: From Sea to Shining Sea

Download slide images: